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    The Rake - Martin Kemp
    : Words of Wisdom

    If you want your Lamborghini brought to your bedroom or a bath installed on your plane, Martin Kemp, an interior designer to the global super-rich, can make it happen…

    by Jessica Beresford

    There’s seemingly no request, big or small, that Martin Kemp can’t fulfil. In fact, the interior designer relishes a challenge, and having worked with some of the most esteemed in the business, including Barbara Barry in Los Angeles and Candy & Candy in London, Kemp is more than qualified to take on the biggest.

    The Welsh designer spent 30 years working on retail and commercial properties before establishing his own business, Martin Kemp Design, which now works with private clients around the world. He travels from the Bahamas to Saint-Tropez conjuring up creative concepts for anything from cosy lounges to grand super-yachts and luxurious private jets.We caught up with him recently to pick his brains on his career, Los Angeles, and all things design...

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