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    Country & Town Interiors – The 50 Finest Interior Designers 2022

    Martin Kemp Design has again been named one of the 50 finest interior designers for 2022

    Martin Kemp has long been on speed dial for the super prime market – which means his extensive output ranges from jets and superyachts to jaw-dropping private residences.

    ‘Our workload has the usual levels of diversity,’ he says. ‘For instance, we have three houses in Switzerland, several classical mansions in London, a multi-unit development in Monaco, a sub-penthouse in the Bahamas, a yacht in Italy and a vast apartment in New York on the go. We love the variety of styles these projects allow us to embrace, everything from rural calm to urban chic, from charming to sophisticated.’ For Martin, positioning furniture to take maximum advantage of the space is always a major consideration as is ‘how one enters, where does one place keys, which are the strongest views to soak up, how best to locate artwork… combining these aspects with the architectural restrictions one sometimes encounters can be a challenge, albeit a stimulating one.’

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