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    Little Halstock
    - Ping Pong Table

    Play ping pong then dine like champions at the simple touch of a button.

    Using rare quilted maple veneer and refined rose gold metal hardware, with Little Halstock we co-created a sophisticated table. The gentle light that emerges as the net rises emulates the rising of the sun at dawn, when the traditional Victorian pistol duel was fought. An effortless push of a button is all that’s needed to raise and hide the net, thanks to a beautiful walnut ball in the drawer hiding a state of the art mechanism.


    We used a walnut ball hidden within the drawer, with a beautiful but state of the art mechanism within, to operate the net action with an effortless twist

    'The materials from the rare one-of-kind quilted maple veneer to sumptuous rose gold metal work, has all been specifically sourced and developed’

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