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Collaboration and interpretation are at the core of our offering.

We offer a full interior design service including the furnishing, dressing and the supply of almost anything from the building itself to artworks and linens, even personalised toothpicks and rare cars in the garage. Our artistic interpretation, exquisite detailing and craftsmanship excel in creating a captivating, timeless and elegant aesthetic across a multitude of styles from chic, calm and classical to dynamic super-modern. International projects embrace Grade 1 listed mansions to custom built modern buildings, with any aesthetic stimulating us. We prefer to work closely with our Clients to develop an understanding of their lifestyle, personal taste, vision and requirements, rather than enforce a deliberate ‘studio’ style, as for us clarity, versatility and flexibility are key in order to deliver a scheme which surpasses expectation.

Our aesthetics complement and enhance a brand with a strong and elegant language, ensuring that a lasting impression is engendered.

We have applied our design vision to a number of super-prime Residential Developments and Spa’s across the world from London to Mumbai and Monaco. In all cases we work closely with the Developer and Property Agents to understand the market and create a unique, aspirational and of course luxurious, branded project. We have also applied our thinking to private offices, boutique stores and hotel concepts, in all bringing our unique sense of British luxury.

Having worked on numerous super-yachts we pride ourselves on our understanding of such a complex project.

With our marine projects, it is not merely the aesthetics which are important but the weight, bolt-downs and wear and tear of daily ocean life also come into play. We bring our expert eye for comfort and style, collaborating with owners to create an exquisite home-from-home for holidays or weekends away, working closely with shipyards and crews to ensure all elements are seamlessly fabricated and executed.

Jets are an ever evolving area of design.

Our Clients value the importance of comfort and style when travelling, therefore we endeavour to stay ahead and challenge boundaries when designing their private jets. We have executed several planes and continue to revolutionise what can be achieved in private aviation whilst maintaining full safety standards.

Good Design is consequent to the last detail.

We challenge the layout of architecture to ensure given spaces maximise their potential both for our Clients lifestyle as well as taking advantage of any vistas, views or existing highlights. We have an innate sense of feng-shui and vastu shastra, modifying windows, removing walls and creating new doorways to stem energy, bring fluidity or drama, on occasion simply to locate a treasured item of furniture or to house a personal collection of valued sculpture. In all ways, our holistic approach is married to the vernacular of the architecture to ensure harmony is maintained.

Following a brief the initial creative concepts are presented.

Our conceptual approach to projects challenges thinking and offers options to Clients. We apply our thinking to anything design related, be it a house or a product, a car interior or a dining table. We request an initial brief to understand requirements spatially or stylistically, subsequently producing mood imagery and sketch visuals, alongside relevant layouts for space and architecture to highlight key areas or any styling influences foremost. Once agreed, we develop ideas with the wider team, selecting materials or sanitary-ware and ironmongery, designing joinery and custom installations, conceiving furniture and details throughout, delivering final visuals for concept approval and sign off.

Keeping the design machine well oiled

With designs firmly approved we manage the delivery and execution of our work with pride. Our team values the importance of deadlines and budgets, always conscious of the impact our schedule has on programme and expectation. We therefore manage and synchronise our delivery to suit project programme, maintaining proximity to lead consultants to ensure design integrity is maintained, attending site meetings regardless of location.

Martin Kemp Design excels in producing unique and elegant pieces throughout our schemes.

Our interiors feature predominantly custom pieces at Client request, from spectacular marquetry joinery to beautifully upholstered pieces, in each case our usual sense of detailing prevails whether for comfort and convenience or purely decoration. Such pieces currently remain unique, they are not repeated so that Clients can lay claim to truly bespoke homes.

The importance of lighting can never be overlooked in enhancing interiors to become magical spaces and illusions

The illumination of our interiors is critical in ensuring mood and ambience are introduced and enjoyed. We endeavour to imbue our work with scenarios which can be changed from calm to dramatic, soft to colourful, traditional to modern. We achieve this with architectural lighting built-into our interiors – such as ceilings, walls and joinery – as well as more decoratively with very striking lighting installations, delicate wall sconces and elegant table or floor lamps.

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